Fishbum Jerseys

Good news! We have an opportuntity to design a jersey for the WCWT from Fishbum for the 2015 season. I invite you to check out the Fishbum link and look at the Urban Camo design.  Currently shown is a bass, but my vision for the Trail is a walleye coming down off the shoulder with WCWT under the neckline.

Jerseys would be $100 and will include your name on the back.  For $125, up to 10 sponsors can be added.

To see this happen, we need a minimum order of 20 jerseys.


This a great opportuntiy for us and I am interested in your feedback.  Please let me know sooner, rather than later with an email so i can keep a record & I can start working out details and design with Fishbum! 

Ron Fibke

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Trail Standings Posted

All the results are posted and the standings are now updated...It's a very close race again this year so once again, the Golden will decide it all! Good luck to everyone!



I have just learned that our Northern Alberta representatives Jason Kofluk and his first mates Ashlynn & Leland finished 7th in the National Championship held in Kenora, Ont this past weekend! Way to go!  Jason and his young mates won the AYA Northern Alberta division earlier this summer at Rock Island. 



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Ron Fibke


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